If Michigan’s problems teach us anything it is that there is nothing more crucial to human beings than clean water.  Contaminated water is more abundant than we would like to believe, but this is because there are many ways in which water could become dirtied, such as clogging or backflow.  But regardless of how it happened, the fact remains that water can easily enter our bodies and carry unhealthy germs and who else knows what, in there.

Backflow occurs when a reversal flow is created that draws things like waste back into the potable (or drinking) water source.  If you have clothes washers, dish washers, or a sprinkler system then you should consider looking into your current backflow prevention system.  The most universal way for people to do this in a cost effective manner, is by creating an air gap.  In fact, it is for this reason that many plumbing codes specify a minimum gap distance in special instances.

Ronnie Frisby’s has a Master Plumber license and the know-how to prevent backflow in your home for many years to come.  Let our trusted name have you covered when it comes to the most important aspect of living– clean, drinking water.  We are WSPS (Backflow Prevention) certified and the years of experience to bring you the best.